”I want to create something personal“ — new talent: Teddy Glickman

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Introducing designer Teddy Glickman who moved from SoCal to Berlin and needed a coat — and launched his own fashion brand for men


When you first meet Teddy Glickman you can’t help an instant crush. He is young and has a velvety voice. He takes his time to speak which gives him an air of masculinity that is rare to find in a 27-year old. Not surprisingly, his own appearance reflects his approach to clothes, which have a certain softness without being feminine. 


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Glickman has not yet given many interviews as a designer, however, the occasional glimpse of insecurity must not be misinterpreted as a lack of assertiveness about his work. Again, a reflection of his brand: although he is still figuring out what he wants it to be (which, at this stage, is totally okay, and we’re curious what’s next), one thing is for sure, he does have a voice — and he wants it to be personal. 

Meet Teddy Glickman who traded in Southern California for Berlin and, for obvious reasons, needed a coat. He decided to sew it himself because he couldn’t find one he liked (Glickman is a self-taught sewer, however, the finishing of his sample collection was close to impeccable) — the foundation for the brand of the same name which he launched in 2017. 



“I grew frustrated with living in LA and I was looking for a change and came here with a friend for a week, went to some parties, met some interesting people and I just realised that this is where people come if they want to start a creative project. There may have also been a little summer romance involved.”


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“I have no formal fashion education. I studied media studies and cultural studies in LA but when I came to Berlin I had never sewn an item of clothes and everything I know is through books, online videos and help from my friends who are tailors. And simply trial and error. Tailoring is the ceiling, though. To do it you need to learn it from someone, I think.”




“I was always interested in clothes but it was hard for me to find clothes for men that made me feel the way I wanted to, which was not overtly avant-garde or trendy but masculine and beautiful. Practically speaking I started making clothes because it was September in Berlin and I needed a coat. I lived in LA for the previous years and I knew what kind of coat I wanted so I went to this open sewing studio and they helped me draft the pattern and select the fabric and sew it. I love this coat and I wore it every day.”


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“My inspiration is my boyfriend. He’s young and sophisticated and he doesn’t follow anybody else’s style. He’s a really beautiful person, inside and out and shows me that beauty isn’t just skin deep but something bone-deep and soul-deep and heart-deep and it comes from just being you and being true.”


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“LA for me was the land of dreams and fantasies and little mundane activities like driving on the freeway into the afternoon sun was somehow dreamlike for me. I try to capture this contrast in my collection by creating something that was everyday practical, yet effortless with just the right amount of glamour.”


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“For now, my biggest challenge is figuring out my perspective, what I want my brand to be. I want to create something personal and that takes time to cultivate.”


(All look book images by Lucas Christiansen)



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