The fashion show – a conversation in three parts with guest management consultant Florian Müller, part 3: “On the necessity of the physical presentation in the digital age”

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Today is the third day of fashion week and some faces are starting to show signs of exhaustion. We’re all still here but deep inside we want to put up our legs, order pizza and watch telly.

So the question is, do we actually need to go to shows and presentations – today or in the future? Or will they become redundant, replaced by transmissions on social media?

Florian Müller is a guest management consultant and a PR agent. In the first of the three parts of the series “The Fashion Show” Florian Müller advised us on what it takes to put on a good fashion show. In the second part we wanted to know whether or not he recommends a catwalk show for emerging talent.

In this third and last part we ask him whether he thinks that physical presentations have a future in the digital age.

In your opinion, how important is the actual, physical presentation today and in the future?

I believe that it is extremely important. It’s about a mood that I want to create. The people who have something to say, the designers or artists, need to be brought together with the people who are interested in what they have to say, namely the press, the buyers or else from the industry. To be able to connect both parties I need a certain kind of atmosphere, ideally a good one in which everybody feels comfortable.

I come from a background of butchers. It was the same there, it was about creating a certain kind of mood, to make people buy the extra sausage. This principle applies pretty much everywhere, doesn’t it?

With an actual event I can create just the environment to sell my product, or at least raise some interest in it. Personally, I don’t like to work with press releases. Most recipients won’t read them and it is hard to convey an emotion. A show or presentation is more suitable for that.

It starts with the invite. Is it classy and exciting or do I ruin the first impression with a cheap flyer?


The guests’ arrival is also important. Nobody can be left in a queue in the rain or not be on the guest list … all this contributes to atmosphere and mood. Drinks and give-aways that make sense can have a positive impact.

A personal welcome, to meet the guests with respect and attention is very important – they show theirs by showing up. All that works great in Paris. There are often delays which means lots of time for kissing hello and feel good conversation.

This is what I want to bring to perfection in the future. Stuff like: Is it too warm or too cold? Does it smell good? Are the guests’ needs met? As soon as you approach 8pm you know people will start to be hungry … What is the music like? How can I inspire? That doesn’t have to do with money but with the attention to detail. All these things are often overlooked, but are enormously important.

These are the parameters that impact on what the press will write about a collection. That is hard to achieve with a video that I post online.

The bottom line is, with a good show you can save a bad collection. And vice versa, if the setting isn’t right, you’re taking down the collection with you.

The Author

Bjoern Luedtke is a freelance journalist, editor and writer specialising in fashion and marketing