Berlin Fashion Week: menswear designer Ivan Mandzukic – a naive optimist

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In 2010 designer Ivan Mandzukic graduates from Esmod fashion school in Berlin. Instead of applying for a job in a design house he decides to go self-employed straight away and founds his menswear label Ivanman. Before his spring summer 2016 show at Berlin Fashion Week he tells me why he chose the riskier over the safer path.

“I come from Serbia. I lived through a war. I don’t know what security is, I never really had it. I went to design school and so I want to show what I can do. Sure, your chances might be better if you start out employed … but in the end I think it’s just a question of time until you get there yourself. I am – what I call – a naive optimist.”

Ivan Mandzukic likes colour. In this collection he uses mint, yellow and red, even though “they don’t really go together.” He claims everyday life is his inspiration and has a good eye for what guys actually want to wear. If bomber jackets are de rigeur, you’ll find Mandzukic’s version in his collection. I ask him whether he does that intentionally. He denies. Must be intuition then.

The Author

Bjoern Luedtke is a freelance journalist, editor and writer specialising in fashion and marketing

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